Why did Sally Fisher die? Secret signs and theories of Sally Face game | Sally Face 5 episode


Why did Sally Fisher die? Secret signs and theories of Sally Face game

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At last! The 5th episode’s trailer has been released. We can’t say that we’ve learned something new, but let’s see.

There’s Neveroak’s cemetery that we know from the 4th episode. But only now we can see Sal Fisher’s grave. I wasn’t surprised at all. And this fact is actually giving us hope, so don’t give up!

Let’s start. We see the cemetery with graves of everybody, who was killed at that horrible night. Yes, there all our favorite characters lie. But let’s talk about the cemetery’s name before we continue with the trailer.

‘Neveroak’ is like a denial of oak’s symbolism of eternal life. But we’ll be back to this. Now we know, that Sal was 28 at the moment of his death, he was buried, probably by Ashley and Neil. I can’t say if Maple was helping them, but I doubt it.

So, the Cult wins. That, I think, is a main fact, that gamers were supposed to see in the trailer. But Sal Fisher is the chosen one, as Jim Johnson says, don’t forget it. Also I can’t stop thinking about ‘The Matrix’, where Neo was chosen to fulfill his destiny, which was predetermined.

Maybe Sal’s death was fated, so he later could save the world. We will also speak about his age, 28 is a significant number. By the way, do you remember that blurred image from Steve? It was Sal’s grave. We see Sal’s prosthetic face, which is broken into 2 pieces.

If you recall, Steve told us in his Twitter, that this split has happened in Sal’s boyhood and it was patched by a duct tape. Probably Ash did take the split prosthesis, which was broken and thrown away, and leave it at her best friend’s grave.

Also this split could be seen as a symbol of Sal’s brokenness, so maybe we will see the Sal’s ghost with his real face? What do you think? Are you ready for this? Leave your comments below. So, now we are ready to talk about the pyramids.

You can learn more about theories and signs concepts of games in the video below to watch subtitles

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