The soundtrack to the game Sally Face. Episode Two "Wretched" | Sally Face 5 episode


The soundtrack to the game Sally Face. Episode Two “Wretched”

Just the other day, Steve Gabri, the developer of Sally Face published a video in which he posted all the songs and tracks sounding in episode 2 of the Sally Face game. In this collection, the author has collected all the melodies and songs that sound in an episode called Wretched.

We are sure that many fans of the game will probably be interested in information about such a selection. All songs and tracks are divided into groups and authors. Here you can find your favorite tunes, interesting tracks and nostalgic songs. Have a nice listening.

P.S. There is no soundtrack for episode 5 yet, but the author promised to add it in the near future. In addition, Steve Gabri said that in episode 5 players expect very interesting twists and turns in the plot of the game, as well as new songs and popular tracks in the game’s soundtrack. As soon as the author uploads his collection, we will immediately share it 🙂 Follow the news.

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