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Sally Face episode 5 “Memories and dreams”

Release date for episode 5 Sally Face is actively approaching, but for now, episode 5 has not yet come out, we suggest a little reflection on Sally’s life story and his psychological portrait. The main mystery of the game are events from Sall’s childhood, which led to the injury of his face. What happened to the face of this child? How did his mother die? What is Sally hiding behind her eerie mask?

Many fans and fans of this amazing game naively assumed that the secret will be revealed after the end of episode 4, but this was not part of the author’s plans. Recall that in episode 4, Sally dies without revealing her secrets, the only thing left for fans to guess. This is what we are going to do now.

All fans remember the episode where Sally recalls a past event, namely an ominous dog and mom at a picnic. Of course, everyone assumed that it was the dog that had injured Sally, and the mother tried to protect her child and, as a result, herself died. But if we take a closer look and think a little, we see an evil, stray dog ​​in the forest, and the remains of a dog in the parking lot, but already with a collar. Is it really the same dog or perhaps the dog has nothing to do with Sal’s injuries? All theories and dogatki on this issue, see the plot of the author.

the video has English subtitles

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