Sally Face 5 Episode. First Review of Sally Face's Final Episode 5 | Sally Face 5 episode


Sally Face 5 Episode. First Review of Sally Face’s Final Episode 5

Hooray! Hooray. We are incredibly happy, you will see the opportunity and be the first to go through the 5th episode of Sally Face. For more than a year, players, fans and all fans of this game have been looking forward to the release of episode 5 or at least some information about the fate of the main character of Sal.

There were many rumors, conjectures and assumptions regarding the participation of Sal in episode 5. But, finally, all theories and conjectures have dissipated and we can definitely see as whom and how Sal Fisher will appear in the game of the long-awaited 5 episode.

Passage 5 Sally Face Episode

Episode 5 begins with the cemetery. More precisely, Ashley’s passage through the territory of the same cemetery, where Sal’s alleged grave was from the official trailer. Walking around Ashley’s cemetery to see the graves of many acquaintances. Each gravestone is accompanied by subtitles and brief information about the person who is buried there. Thus, we see and recall many familiar characters and heroes from the previous 4 episodes.

At the end of the cemetery, Ashley finds the grave, the main character – Sal Fisher himself. What happened? Is Sal really dead? We will not tell the whole point and spoil, so we suggest that you be the first to see the entire passage of episode 5 on your own. Finally, many theories and puzzles have been dispelled.

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