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Sally Face 5 episode Bonus Code

Today is a really significant day, today is a day many fans have been waiting for – the release day of episode 5 of the Sally Face game. Players have been waiting for this day for more than a year, it took so much time for the developer Steve Gabri to complete the last, final episode of the amazing game about a boy called Sal Fisher.

To mark this day, we offer a special bonus code that has a limited duration.

Bonus code for purchasing 5 episodes of Sally Face – enter “EPISODE5” and you will get 20%. The promotion is valid until the end of the year (12/31/19).

Unfortunately, we are forced to state the fact that episode 5 is the last part of the Sally Face game. This was already announced by Steve Gabry himself, then added the words of gratitude and loyalty to his fans.

If you want to see the passage of episode 5, see here. If you want to download Sally Face Episode 5, you can do it on the Steam platform with a lot of bonuses and discounts right now.

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