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Release Date 5 episodes Sally Face

Sally Face – an adventure game about a boy named Sall Fisher, Sally Face is a teasing nickname the boy got from his classmates at school. Sal Fisher is far from an ordinary teenager and this is due not only to his face and the mysterious mask on his face. The whole life of this young man is hidden and mysterious. The more you get to know the character Sally Face, the more questions you have. But will you be able to get answers to your questions? It all depends on you and your acumen and observation.

Sally Face or as they call it Sally-Crush is an episodic game. Total released 4 episodes of this amazing game. The last episode entitled “The Triel” did not give the players answers about the life of this mysterious character, but even more brought mystery to the life story of this character.

Release date Sally Face 5 chapter

Recall at the end of episodes 4 Sally dies on the chair of a suicide bomber for his terrible and terrible crimes. Most of the players are very saddened by this outcome of events, especially the fact that the secrets and mysteries of Sally were never revealed. But the final phrase before the conclusion of the episode (to be continued) gave a strong hope for the continuation of the story about Sally Face.

As soon as the episode ended, everyone wondered: “When will episode 5 be released by Sally Face?”. For a long time, no one knew the answer to this question, but still some information was discovered. Despite the fact that the official trailer has not yet been released, yet the planned release date for episode 5 has already been scheduled.

Episode 5 Sally Face will appear in the spring of 2019, or rather May 25th.

This information is not official, but is obtained from a reliable source, therefore it is considered reliable. As soon as we have additional information about the release of a new episode of Sally Face, we will immediately publish it. Download episode 5 Sally Face, you can at this link. Well, for now, stay tuned and get ready to continue the adventure.

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