Official Trailer Sally Face 5 Episode "Memories and Dreams" | Sally Face 5 episode


Official Trailer Sally Face 5 Episode “Memories and Dreams”

download Official Trailer Sally Face 5 Episode “Memories and Dreams”

Finally, the last trailer for Sally Face, the final episode of the game, was released. For someone else it will be sad, but for someone else it will all be over and everyone will find their answer to the question on this game. In his social networks, Steve published the announcement of the trailer and even the release date of the game.

On the poster itself, you can see the mask of Sall. The mask is cracked, perhaps the author wanted to show that all the secrets will be revealed soon and the truth will finally be revealed? We will not torment you and finally we will see this trailer.

At the beginning we see the familiar “Neveroak” cemetery, which Sally and her friend once passed by. After that, the tombstone of Sala, who lived for 28 years (1976-2004), is demonstrated. Then the inscription: “Sin Henry and Diane Fisher” and a mask on the grass.

For an instant, three triangles are visible near the mask, which are very similar to those that we could see in the basement of the cult. Just at that moment when the cult was conducting some kind of rite. What if this is the rite of the resurrection of Sall Fisher? At the end of the trailer, the title of the episode and the release date are shown.

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