How to draw Sally Face. Lesson 1 | Sally Face 5 episode


How to draw Sally Face. Lesson 1

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Sally Face fans and lovers have great news for you! Due to numerous requests from fans of the game, we offer a video lesson on drawing the main character of the game, Sally Faith, namely Sal Fisher.

Sali Fisher – man of mystery. We do not know all the facts of his life, we do not know the story of his childhood, and the reason that he was inspired by that terrible step that he made. But despite this, we know exactly how to teach our fans to draw and make different kinds of art with this character.

Lesson # 1. Drawing Sally Face teenager

We offer to get acquainted with the step by step instructions for drawing Sally. With this animation, you will learn how to portray your favorite character to the smallest detail, as well as be able to draw a well-known mask of Sally Face.

All you need is to follow the instructions and step by step perform all actions:

  • Draw auxiliary lines
  • Identify important parts of the body: head, torso, legs
  • Apply lightweight body parts.
  • Detail the character
  • Paint your character

Good luck and success to all. Write in the comments if you have succeeded.

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