How to draw Larry Johnson from Sally Face | Sally Face 5 episode


How to draw Larry Johnson from Sally Face

Sally Face is really an amazing and unforgettable game. Each character from this game is special and irresistible in its own way. Negative characters, crazy characters, and of course the main characters – they all have an army of their fans. Of course, the fans of the main character of the game Sal Fisher are the majority, but still many gamers like other characters from the game.

One of the most beloved characters of the game Sally Face is Larry. Larry is Sal Fisher’s best friend and the game displays one of the most important plot lines. According to numerous requests from the players, we have prepared a video of bills, where we will tell in detail and most importantly show how to draw your favorite character from the game Sally Face.

Drawing Larry from Sally Face

  • First of all, let’s start from Larry’s face. First you need to sketch out the drawings of Larry’s face, it is best to start from the eyes
  • As soon as the faces are drawn, you can make a hairstyle in the style of Larry.
  • Then go on straight lines, it’s about the character’s body.
  • Draw hands, feet and shoes
  • The final stage will be the moment of applying the “color” to your character.

For more information on all the stages of drawing Larry from Sally Face, see the video below.

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