How looks like Sally Face without a mask? | Sally Face 5 episode


How looks like Sally Face without a mask?

The issue of Sally’s appearance actually worries every player. What does Sally Face look like without a mask? What about Sally’s face? What happens if Sally takes off the mask? And so on. Today we want to lift the secret curtain with regards to the appearance of Sally Face.

What does Sal Fisher’s face look like?

Most likely the face of Salla has the following appearance: the right part of the face is torn off and there is no part of the jaw. Sally’s face has a gray tint. And most likely Sull Fisher has an artificial eye.

If you look closely, you can find some non-dockings regarding Sally’s eyes. For example, the pupil in one eye is completely motionless, while in the other eye the pupil dilates and contracts. This pattern can only be explained by one thing – Sally has one artificial eye

What happened to Sally Fisher’s face?

  • Dog attacked

One of the most important versions with regards to Sally’s injuries is just the version about the dog. Many assume that it was the dog who inflicted such damage on Sally’s face that now Sull should forever hide his face with a mask.

  • Fire

Some players have speculated that Sally was injured in a fire that happened a long time ago. How did such conjectures appear? It’s simple, the game has repeatedly emphasized fires. For example, Greg’s parents died in a fire, and the news also says of the massive fires that swept the city.

  • Black magic

There is a version that Sally’s mother was engaged in black magic and accidentally opened the portal and the demons took her with them, thereby imitating her death. For example, a dog is characterized as a demon stalking Sally.

Sally was a sleepwalker
Another version of Sally’s mutilations is that Sally used to be a sleepwalker and could accidentally kill his mother and accidentally damage his face.

  • Car accident

Perhaps Sally’s parents had a car accident as a result of which his mother died, and Sally received mental and physiological injuries.

  • Sally has a normal face

In one version, it is assumed that Sally Fisher has an ordinary face without injuries, but hides this fact because the mask has become part of his life, image.

In any case, we will be able to find out the truth about Sally’s appearance very soon, more precisely in the 5th episode of Sally Face. When the 5th episode of Sally Face comes out, you will find out here.

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