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The story of a boy named Sall Fisher leaves no one indifferent who has ever encountered this game and punched to play. A strange boy who looks more like a girl with a terrible prosthetic mask on his face. What happened to his face? What happened to his mother? Why did he do that? What prompted him to take this step? What happened to Sally in the fourth episode? Playing this game you will ask more questions each time than get answers to them.

The game about the mysterious boy was created specifically for stationary PCs in episodic style. That is, one episode was first released, then after some time a second one was released, and so on. As a result, today came out 4 full episodes with an incredible ending in 4 parts. With great impatience, all fans and fans of Sally Face are waiting for the release of episode 5, which will be held in the near future, more precisely in May 2019.

Download Sally Face for Android

Sally Face on Android / IOS

As we have stated, Sally Face was created for devices with Windows system. No one could assume that the game would become so popular and in demand. The more the game became popular, the more the developers thought about the full release of Sally Face to another operating system.

Of course, this operating system will be Android and iOS. Thanks to this action, any fan of the game will be able to play Sally Face on smartphones, tablets and other devices with the Android system. The developers have already announced their readiness and plans to release a full version of the game on Android in the near future, but it is not known when exactly this will happen.

The delay in the mobile version of the game is due to the preparation of the release 5 episode Sally Face, which will take place in May of this year. According to the developers, immediately after the official release of episode 5, they will actively begin to address the issue of the mobile version of the game. But of course, it takes a certain time, for how long it is still unknown. It is worth noting that only one person is engaged in the development of Sally Face, this is another factor in the delay in the “transition” of the game to Android.

If you still want to play Sally Face for Android – do not worry, you have this opportunity. The fact many game fans did not wait for the official version of Sally Face on Android and released their version.

Important! This version is not official !!! This is one of the best developments of fans game.


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