5 facts that Sal Fisher is alive | Sally Face 5 episode


5 facts that Sal Fisher is alive

As you probably know, in 2019 there will be an exit 5 episode of the Sally Face game. Thousands of fans are eagerly awaiting the continuation of a unique and completely non-ordinary game. Recall, episode 4 ended with a huge question for the fans: “Did Sal Fisher really die?”.

Some players believe that it was Sally who was the prisoner who died in the electric chair. But still there were those who believe that Sally did not die at all and in episode 5 will appear in the role of a living character. In a sign of their theory, players offer 5 facts.

5 facts that Sally Face will appear in episode 5?

  • Divine theory

Players noticed that the time of Sally’s death (a character similar to Sal Fisher) is 18:33. If you look into the Bible, you can find a scripture that speaks of the resurrection from the dead.

  • Developer Version

The Facebook page of Steve Gabri has a question, but as always with a riddle. By the number of letters you can judge that the question was: Sally Face will be alive? or will Sally Face be resurrected? But the main answer is clearly and clearly visible – YES.

  • Quote from the movie “The Crow”

In the apartment on the blackboard there is a note with a quote from the movie: “Rain cannot last forever.” This phrase belongs to the main character from the movie Crow. It is noteworthy that in this film, the main character is resurrected from the dead.

  • Developer Version 2

On April 21, Steve Gabri published a post with a double meaning. The picture shows an Easter bunny with the inscription “He is risen”. Of course, the players in this post see the promise to the game. So, or is it actually and in the quality of whom Sal Fisher will appear before us in episode 5, see soon in the new part of the Sally Face game “Remembrance and Dreams”.

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