March, 2019 | Sally Face 5 episode


Draw a Sally Face teenager. Lesson 2

Often, in comments and in their statements, players are asked the question: How to learn to draw the main character of the game Sally Face? Many players want to learn to illustrate their favorite character and the poet, we have prepared for you this section. In this section, you will learn how to draw Sal Fisher himself, his famous mask, as well as all the characters in the game.
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Interview with Steve Gabry – Sally Face Developers

Steve Gabry – the sole creator of the game Sally Face, as well as the person who took an active part in creating such games as: Crowman & Wolfboy, as well as the upcoming IMMURE. If you are familiar with at least one of these games, then you can get an idea of ​​the gloomy, but at the same time intriguing and hopeful atmosphere of these projects.
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All truth and matches in the game Sally Face

Sally Face is really a mysterious and mysterious game. The last 4 episodes have raised more questions from players than answers. Playing this game you will feel as if you’ve gotten close and are about to find all the answers, but this feeling is like a mirage and never comes true.
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How to draw Sally Face. Lesson 1

Sally Face fans and lovers have great news for you! Due to numerous requests from fans of the game, we offer a video lesson on drawing the main character of the game, Sally Faith, namely Sal Fisher.

Sali Fisher – man of mystery. We do not know all the facts of his life, we do not know the story of his childhood, and the reason that he was inspired by that terrible step that he made. But despite this, we know exactly how to teach our fans to draw and make different kinds of art with this character.

Lesson # 1. Drawing Sally Face teenager

We offer to get acquainted with the step by step instructions for drawing Sally. With this animation, you will learn how to portray your favorite character to the smallest detail, as well as be able to draw a well-known mask of Sally Face.
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Secrets from Game Sally Face revealed

Not all the players who played in Sally Face were able to understand and solve, let not all, but at least most of the secrets. There are two important reasons for this:

  • First, the time interval between the first and second, as well as the third and fourth parts of the game is too large. All these parts came out with an interval of almost a whole year. A large number of players just had time to “lose” the storyline of the game from memory. They simply had time to forget all the clues and hints in the game.
  • The second option is the carelessness of the player.

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Sally Face Game. How to passage 4 Episode?

For almost a whole year, Sally Face fans were waiting for the release of episode 4, but no one could have imagined what would happen in episode 4. Finally it becomes clear what brought Sally to jail, but the main question remains: why did he do that? What prompted Sally to take this step?
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Sally Face Game. How to passage 3 Episode?

All fans and fans of Sally Face, we hasten to announce the release of 3 episodes. Meet the episode called “Sausage incident”. The game in episode 3, as always, begins with moments that are difficult to understand: whether it is memories, or fantasy of a moving brain.
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Sally Face Game. How to passage 2 Episode?

Attention attention! In this video, spoilers will pop up from the first episode, so if you have not watched or have not yet played your first episode, we suggest that you do not watch this video.

Finally, the second version of the game Sally Face became available. As always, the events here make even the most experienced player be amazed. The game begins with the recollections of Sal on his mother. Pleasant, joyful childhood memories suddenly darkened by a picture from the past.
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Sally Face Game. How to passage 1 Episode?

The most famous YouTube blogger really liked the game Sally Face, so he decided to try to go through it and at the same time share the whole audience with useful life hacks and the entourage of the passage.

The first episode begins with a call to Sally Face at the hospital. The main, primary task, Sal Fisher is to find a way out from the hospital. But, as soon as this happens, everything is gaining an irrevocable and very fast process from which it is simply impossible to break away. In general, see the full video with the passage to learn all the secrets of Sally.

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Developer Sally Face talks about making 4 episodes

Hello, everyone!

Below we have translated the text of the game developer Steve Gabri about how the creation and development of all episodes, including 4, took place.

When developing Sally Face, each episode became their own journey. In the first episode, I worked mostly in my spare time, and in the end I faced many personal difficulties. In the second Episode, I started working on the game full time, but new difficulties arose, and I was faced with a severe, long-term depression. When developing the third Episode, I started to get out of my depressive state and rather quickly strengthened the quality and speed of game development. But, yet it was too difficult for me.
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