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Sally Face is a psychological, mysterious horror game. If you expect any action or bright events that flash on the screen every second, then this game is not like that. Sally Face is a special game and it’s not just words, but the opinion of millions players who once played this game and forever became its fans.

Game Sally Face – make you plunge into the terrible story of a boy with a difficult childhood. Not all children have a joyful and bright childhood, but Sally’s life will make you really shudder. The story of a boy with blue hair and a mysterious mask on his face will lead you to horror. The further you enter the game and travel with Sally, the more mysteries and unsolved secrets you will have.

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The main character of the game is a boy Sally with a special appearance. When you first look at the character, you can understand that this is not a simple game, but a special game with riddles, mysterious stories, adventures and a special atmosphere.

Looking at Sally you will see a teenager with blue tails and a white mask on his face very reminiscent of hockey mask. Most people who see this character for the first time think that Sally is a girl, although in reality this is a guy. This news will be your first in a series of revelations and observations of the life this character. Later on, you will learn many amazing and horrifying facts about the life of this teenager. But you can’t reveal his main secret: what Sally looks like without a mask.

Interesting facts about the game Sally Face

  • Despite the fact that Sally is very similar to a teenage girl, yet this is a teenager boy.
  • The developer of the game is Steve Gabry. Steve is the only one developer of the game, so he created the design and music for the game.
  • The idea of ​​creating Sally was born thanks Nickelodeon cartoons and developer fantasies
  • The plot of the game Sally Face is psychological, so you will long be remembered and linger in your memory
  • One of the features game is the ability to communicate with the dead in the game thanks to the Gear Boy portable console.
  • Sally Faith is actually the boy’s nickname, which in fact became his name
  • Sally never opened his face to the players

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Sally Face Plot

Sally Face is a game in which with each passed level the number of questions you will have will grow but you will not find the answers to all of them. The storyline here is extremely intriguing and exciting. To finalize all the points above and understand what is happening, you need to get to the end, but here you will not be able to get answers to all exciting questions. Sally Face is an intriguing puzzle game. The essence of the game is not just to complete the levels, but to uncover the secret of Sally, but for this you will have to strongly strain yourself. Are you ready to experience yourself?

The game is the daily life of a boy in a mysterious mask. But if you think that his life is boring and not interesting, you are deeply mistaken. All the life of Sally – this is solid riddles and guesses.

The player is given the opportunity to feel in the role of Sally and go through his life path. Travel along with Sally. Immediately, we note that Sally Face’s life is filled with psychological, tragic and sometimes mystical moments. This is far from the standard life of any teenager. In order to pass the levels you will have to not just only think, but apply all your deductive methods and skills of a journalist. But this does not guarantee you success.

Sally Face Gameplay

The game is a sequence of scenes where your daily life is mixed with your past memories. The characters you meet on your way are unique and interesting. Each of them has its own characteristics, demeanor and biography.

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You will meet your parents, school friends and even such strange guys as a hermit inviting you for a cup of tea. Remember: not all of these people are real. The game also has some supernatural – for example, a poltergeist living in one of the rooms in the house. And again we wonder if this is real or just Sally’s imagination.

Each scene is a puzzle that needs to be solved in order to move on. The puzzles are not very complicated, but the story itself is quite intriguing and atmospheric. Psychedelic animation, a combination of mystery and dark humor, unexpected turns of events – all this makes Sally Face a game that you should definitely play! Go to the exciting quest and find out what is hidden behind Sally’s mask!

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Currently there are only 4 episodes in the game. In the near future, around May 2019, the release of 5 episodes this amazing game is planned. The news of episode 5 was very pleased with the fans, although first of all I was very surprised. Why? The fact is that in episode 4 Sally dies, so almost everyone resigned to the news about the end of the game. But the developers gave not only hope for continuation, but also appointed an approximate time for the release of a new episode.

So, all Sally Face fans with great impatience and delight await the spring of 2019 to be personally convinced that the continuation of the mystical-mysterious story about Sally Face still takes place. A big mystery for all is the storyline of the new episode, since it is incomprehensible as whom Sally will appear before us: a living character or a ghost. And this is not the only question that has arisen regarding episode 5. But such uncertainty fits perfectly into the game genre: mystical, mysterious and psychological horror.

Episode Chapter 1 “Strange Neighbors.” Passage

The action takes place in a hospital when Sally wakes up with a bandaged face. During the study of the hospital corridor, Sally is intercepted with the ghost of his father and his mother’s body. When the players are still stunned by what he saw, suddenly Sally finds herself in Dr. Otkin’s chair and becomes several years older (this can be seen from his hairstyle). A couple of seconds and Sally goes back in time and begins his story …

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Sally and his Father moved to a new home in the hope of starting a new life and forgetting everything that were happened to them in New Jersey. The more you learn about Sally and his life, the more questions you will have. Thanks to this story, the game has become so popular.

New home, new neighbors. In the first part, Sally meets his neighbors and the house. As it turned out, not only strange neighbors live in this house, but also mysterious ghosts and mystical creatures. The farther you go into traveling around the house with Sally, the mysterious and mystical plot will become. But, this is only the beginning ….

Episode Two: The Wretched

The second episode begins from the moment when Sally shares his thoughts with Larry about house and mysticism which is going on here. Of course, no one except Sall noticed any oddities and poltergeists in the house. Sall decides to find out as much information as possible about the apartments themselves and the former owners of the apartments who lived here from the very beginning.

In this episode, Sally meets new neighbors, learns many interesting stories about the life of each apartment owner and meets the ghost of a girl named Megan. As always, this episode is filled with mystics and, above all, secrets of the past that need to be unraveled and only then can we get to the truth.

Episode Three “Bologna Incident”

The events of this episode begin with an interview Sall with a correspondent for a local newspaper. The journalist interviews a person convicted of serious crimes, including murder; these prisoners turn out to be our Sally, but already of a much older age. As always, there are many questions and very few answers in the game.

Surely you noticed the strange name of this episode. Sausage incident ?! At the beginning of the episode, Sall was asked a question regarding his fear of sausage. After a bit of thought, Sally Face shares a strange incident related to the sausage. Try to complete the level and find answers to your questions.

Episode Four  “Triel”

As always, the story of Sally is tangled and cannot be solved completely. At the beginning of the episode, Sal finds himself in a mysterious other world and is looking for a way out. Riddles, questions, bewilderment and horror such that the blood runs cold in the veins – these are the emotions that arise in the first minutes of the passing game.

But at some moment Sally Face is transferred to the house that started it all. We must say that release of 4-th episode, Sally grew up and matured, now it is not a child at all, but a young man of 17 years old.

Events 4 parts go beyond the imaginary. Sally testifies in court and he is well past 20, although it is difficult to determine the exact age, since the mask is still on him. As always, you cannot find out what happened directly in the game. Everyone talks in riddles and hints. For example, the player to the last can not understand for what crimes Sally Face thundered into prison?

But when the secret is revealed, then the chapel of surprise will not be the boundary. Sally Faith is an amazing game, because when it seems to the player that the secret is almost open, there will surely be moments in the game that you could not have foreseen. For example, the execution of Sala at the end. One minute before the end of the episode, the players see the picture of how the execution of Sala comes into action and immediately follows the phrase: to be continued. Surprise, confusion, confusion, and a lot of questions arise with the end of episode 4, for fans of the game all hope remains for episode 5.

Episode Five “Memories and Dreams”

Of course, all the players and fans of the game Sally Face are looking forward to the continuation of the game. When will episode 5 come out? What happened to Sally? Did Sally Fisher die? All these questions torment the lover of the game is not the first month. But we have great news for you, as well as answers to your questions. Interested?

Let’s start from the main question: When will the 5th episode of the game about Sally Fisher come out? As we have already reported, the estimated release date for episode 5 is scheduled for May 2019, more precisely, May 25th. There is no official information yet, as well as the trailer of episode 5, but as the practice of previous episodes shows, this date should be the release of the long-awaited continuation of the detective story of Sal Fisher.

Game Sally Face

As for the plotline of the new episode, there is a lot of guesswork, the main of which can be called one: is Sal Fisher really dead? As for the appearance of the main character in episode 5, the opinions of the players can be divided into three categories:

  • Some players believe that Sally Face was still not executed and still alive, so he will appear in the game as a living character.
  • Other players believe that Sally died, so will appear in episode 5 as a ghost
  • The rest of the players think that Sall was killed and in the new episode he will not be there at all (which is unlikely because he is the main character of this game)

Unfortunately, at the moment there is no information about the appearance of Sally in the new episode, so we can only guess at it and our own speculation. What we probably know is the name of the new episode. Attention!!! 5 episode of the game Sally Face will be called “Memories and Dreams”.

Judging by this title, we can assume that episode 5 will be the final one and we will finally find out the whole history of Sall’s life, namely:

  • what happened with face Sally?
  • what happened to mom Sall
  • why did he actually do this to his father?
  • as well as the stories of all the other residents and heroes of the Edison apartments

System requirements

Before downloading the game, we offer you to get acquainted with the characteristics that your PC should have

Name of the game:Sally Face
Game genre:quest, adventure, horror
Operating system:Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
Expected episode:5
Number of episodes released:4
The current version of the game:1.4.22
Free disk space:500 MB
Interface language:English, Russian

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Sally Face is a mystical, psychological and even horror game in the genre of adventure and quests. Everyone who loves puzzles or games for reflection will like this game. Sal Fisher – a boy with blue hair and a terrible prosthetic face mask is the main character of this game.

Sally Face is an episodic game. A total of 4 episodes were released. In the spring 2019, developers launch 5 episodes of this unforgettable game. Moreover there are rumors that Sally Face will soon become a mobile game.

Sally Face is a puzzle game in the genre of adventure, but the main thing here is the plot and the game line. There is hardly a similar game like Sally Face.